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Why anarchism implies the abolition of animal exploitation

An open statement of beliefs by a mysterious anarchist collective known as "Anarchists for the end of all oppressions." 

"Leftists" outside Ukraine are used to listening only to people from Moscow: Interview with anarcho-syndicalists in Eastern Ukraine - Freedom News

Interview with anarcho-syndicalists in Eastern Ukraine

Yavor Tarinski from the Greek libertarian journal Aftoleksi interviews two anarchists from eastern Ukraine. They themselves were politically active for decades in eastern Ukraine until before the 2014 invasion – where the possibility of any unmediated political action collapsed. They are both what many people tend to simplistically call “Russian-speaking” citizens of Ukraine.

Gang Politics

New Kristian Williams book, "Gang Politics"

Went to Red Emma's the other day to hear Kristian Williams talk about his new book, "Gang Politics: Revolution, Repression, and Crime," which argues that government and criminality are intimately related, often sharing critical features.

Free Keith Davis Jr.

Keith Davis Jr Day!

A good reminder that injustice is still thriving, and innocent people are still suffering. Keith Davis Jr. is facing his fifth trial for the same murder, because the prosecution (coincidentally corrupt as hell herself?) is incapable of producing any credible evidence.

Russian anti-military arsonists: "There are more of us every day"

Russian anti-military arsonists: "There are more of us every day"

An interview with Revolutionary cell of the Volga region, on the night of June 10 torched in Nizhny Novgorod a Toyota of Natalia Abiyeva - an officer's wife and organizer of the foundation in support of the invasion forces. Originally was published by the Belarusian oppositional channel Basta! yesterday.

Anarchist Youth Fight Police with Fireworks in Thailand – Abolition Media

Anarchist Youth Fight Police with Fireworks in Thailand

Clashes broke out in Bangkok this week between police and anarchist youth protesting against PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s authoritarian regime. This image come from Bangkok’s Din Daeng area, where anarchist youth responded to police with fireworks and firecrackers. In 2020, Thai youth sparked the largest wave of anti-government protests since the 2014 military coup.

Upcoming titles on anarchism | anarchistnews.org

Upcoming titles on anarchism

A list of forthcoming books from UK's Freedom Press