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A Superior Culture

In this fantasy land of a state
With a winter that never comes
And a summer that never ends

Ocean-shore cottages
Cost a million dollars,
But the people who live year-round
Barely survive on minimum wage
And non-existent tips from Northerners

And money set aside
For low-income houses
Pays instead for sewers
For a Mouse's Magic Palace

In this dreamland of a state
Old people come to
Live, but are shipped back home
In sealed boxes

The white stuff on the lawns
At Christmas
Arrives courtesy of an
Insulating company

And a man, defender of
The right to life,
Guns down a doctor
On the way home

In this state of denial,
Not a part of the South,
The Ku Klux Klan still
Walks the streets
In white hoods and sheets

Gambling is illegal,
But horses run for high stakes
And the lotto has jackpots
Even millionaires dream of

And county school board members
Arbiters of education,
Proclaim themselves superior
In a state of fantasy