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    Social Anarchism: A Journal of Theory and Practice can be reached at Social Anarchism 2743 Maryland Avenue Baltimore, MD 21218 or you can email office@socialanarchism.org for administrative requests (subscriptions, ordering, distribution). Conta... (More)

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    Current subscription rates: $25 for 4 issues (Domestic Individuals) $40 for 4 issues (Library Distributors, 20% discount) $50 for 4 issues (Library and Institutional R... (More)

  • Submission Guidelines

    Social Anarchism does accept unsolicited manuscripts, but bear in mind that we are a peer-reviewed journal, so any submissions are sent to qualified advisors who will accept or reject your submissions for publication. And perhaps more importantl... (More)

  • Editors/Advisors

    Social Anarchism is edited by Howard J. Ehrlich and a.h.s. boy in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Our editorial board members are currently: Meda Chesney-Lind Kaaawa, HI David DeLeon Washington, DC Ian Lind Kaaawa, HI Mike Long College Park, MD Ja... (More)

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